Agnesa Qerimi

Executive Director, Kosovar Youth Council

Most of our youngsters are thinking of leaving the country and finding better opportunities without knowing that they can start from here. They have lots of potential, lots of talent, but they don't have the space to represent themselves and they aren't well-represented in the decision-making process. I want to become the voice of our youngsters; to help them be heard and address their needs.

About Agnesa

When Agnesa Qerimi learned that no woman had ever served as her high school’s student body president, she decided to run. And she won. Years later, and Qerimi remains committed to improving education for Kosovar youth. As Executive Director of the Kosovar Youth Council, Qerimi is working to inspire hope among young people and empower students to seek opportunity when it’s present, and create it when it’s not. “Hope is always what kept people moving forward. It’s key to building our society,” she said.