Antoneta Kastrati

Documentary and Narrative Filmmaker

We are in a time of a new film movement. There are all of these female filmmakers, all around my age, and we're all working on our first feature films. It’s new perspectives, new approaches, and it’s a really exciting time because our industry has been stagnant for so long because of the war.

About Antoneta

Antoneta Kastrati grew up with ambitions of becoming a doctor, but after her mother and sister were killed during the war, she lost interest in school and medicine. In the years following, Kastrati was introduced to documentary filmmaking, which captured her attention because of its role in challenging social issues and sparking conversation. In 2013, Kastrati released She Comes in Spring, one of her first narrative shorts based largely on her personal story. She is currently working on the post-production for her first feature film, Zana, expected soon.