Arta Shehu Zaimi

Co-Founder, jCoders & Labbox

Everybody needs somebody to tell them that something is doable. We have specific initiatives to encourage girls to get involved (with technology). I was doing a presentation about jCoders in one of the schools and the group that registered after was around 80 percent girls and 20 percent boys. Typically, enrollment is around 70 to 90 percent boys. It’s interesting to see those numbers, just because (the girls) saw me there.

About Arta

In 2015, Arta Shehu Zaimi was searching for an after school program for her three children that was centered around technology. When her search returned no results, Shehu Zaimi leaned on her background as a computer engineer and decided to start her own. She co-founded jCoders with her sister, Fiona, with the goal of teaching kids to use technology to problem solve in creative ways. The program currently serves more than 1,000 students, and has expanded to include the development of Labbox, an electronic engineering toy for kids.