Atifete Jahjaga

President of the Republic of Kosovo, 2011 - 2016

I was faced with the question, ‘Madam President, was it worth it to go through (the harassment) that you did?’ And the answer is yes. No headline, nothing that was said, no obstacle stopped me from moving forward. Not for my own sake, but for the sake of the girls looking upon my office.

About Atifete

Atifete Jahjaga served as the third president, and first female president, to the Republic of Kosovo. When she took office in 2011, Jahjaga became the youngest democratically elected head-of-state in the world, at just 35-years-old. During her service, Jahjaga made gender-equality and the representation of youth a priority in her cabinet, and has continued to be an advocate for women’s rights through the Jahjaga Foundation, which was established following her presidency to support the democratic development of Kosovo and the Balkans.