Aurela Kadriu


It took me a lot to realize that I am entitled to an opinion, to sharing my experiences, to talking about them. The fact that I'm here is because of the support of so many women in my life. I'm not just talking about my mom or my sisters or my aunts. I'm speaking about women who have supported me professionally, academically; who pushed me, who believed in me.

About Aurela

Aurela Kadriu was just a newborn at the time of the conflict in Kosovo, but she grew up with inherited memories of war. The stories she received, told by older relatives, shaped her understanding of the past, an understanding that she began to challenge after traveling to Turkey to volunteer with Syrian refugees a just 16-years-old. Working with families experiencing similar trauma to that which Albanian families experienced two decades earlier, solidified Kadriu’s interest in oral history research and the way in which people interpret the past.