Besa Ismaili

Professor at Faculty of Islamic Studies

Don't judge Kosovo based on what you see in the main square of Pristina. Go a bit further. Go to the villages. The situation is horrible, but these women... they survive, and they make a living. I want these stories in the media. I want you to see where there are Christian women and Muslim women sharing challenges and trying to help each other raise kids.

About Besa

Besa Ismaili was born and raised in Mitrovica, but moved to Prishtina after the war. A professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies at the University of Prishtina, Ismaili dedicates much of her free time to working with women from different religious communities to better the gender-ratio within traditionally male-dominated institutions. Much like in other spheres, Ismaili said that it’s important to have theologically educated women interpreting scripture and sacred text. Ismaili is a feminist, and is a frequent panelist for local media discussions about the role of women in religion and society.