Blerta Zeqiri

Director and Scriptwriter

There is this face of women that we don't get to see in the media. Here, women behave differently when they are alone. It’s the same for men I guess, but we see men in films. We haven’t seen women being human. That’s what I love to show the world.

About Blerta

Blerta Zeqiri is an award-winning director and screenwriter from Suhareka. As conflict progressed in the 90s, Zeqiri found both comfort and entertainment in art and storytelling. When the time came for her to attend university, the filmmaking industry in Kosovo was entirely male-dominated, but Zeqiri followed her passion and found training while living as a refugee in France. Today, Zeqiri is one of the women leading the surge of female-directed films in Kosovo, and she continues to challenge social and political injustices through her art.