Dafina Halili

Journalist, Kosovo 2.0

It’s important to not build a story only around trauma, but to really make clear the quest for justice and accountability from institutions that have failed. I cannot take ownership of the voice of a person or a group of people. It’s not my role. But what I can do is highlight a struggle, an issue or an injustice.

About Dafina

Dafina Halili is an award-winning journalist for Kosovo 2.0, covering women’s, LGBT+ and minority rights. From reporting on the stories of survivors of sexual violence and those of the challenges facing Roma women, to highlighting the social impact of female artists across the region, Halili tells stories with a compassion and care that is all too fleeting in modern journalism. As news cycles increasingly demand abbreviated coverage and quick turnarounds, Halili’s work is that which recognizes nuance and humanity. It requires time.