Fjolla Hajrizaj


I was the first one in my village that went to university. I was the first one in my village that became a journalist. I've seen desperate women that have some unfinished dreams. I want to finish their dreams. I have on my shoulders the weight of their dreams... the weight of the life they could have lived. I'm doing this for them; that's my feminism. That's my contribution.

About Fjolla

Fjolla Hajrizaj was born in Prishtina, Kosovo on May 6, 1998, just over six months before NATO began its intervention in March of 1999. As violence broke out across the country, forcing her parents to flee, Hajrizaj was left in the hospital under the supervision of local doctors, where she remained for more than two months following her premature birth. 20 years later, Hajrizaj , 21, is pursuing a career in journalism. “Telling people the truth is the best way to develop the society,” said Hajrizaj. “It’s my duty to tell where we are and where we are going.”