Flaka Fazlija

Law Student

I encourage people to be motivated to work for Kosovo, even if it's not yet as rewarding as we might want it to be. It’s a young country and we need to nurture it. If we don't build Kosovo, who is going to? No one.

About Flaka

Flaka Fazlija, originally from Peja, is a law student at the University of Prishtina. Born during the height of the war in Kosovo, she was given the name Flaka (flame) by the doctor who delivered her, sensing she would become a fighter. Her father, who was a doctor for the Kosovar army, is one of the nearly 1,700 people who remain missing 20 years after the war. Although she and her father never met, he served as the inspiration for her award-winning poetry, and the motivation behind her commitment to pursuing justice and work in the legal field.