Fllanza Beqiri-Hoxha

Board of Directors, Kosovo Energy Corporation

In one of my earliest electrical jobs, there were around 200 men working, and I was their director. I felt excellent, because it made them have to think differently about their daughters. I would sit with them at lunch sometimes and say, ‘if I am here, why shouldn’t your daughter go to the technical faculty, too?’ It was a very exciting job.

About Fllanza

Fllanza Beqiri-Hoxha is one of the Kosovo energy sector’s pioneering women. When she made the decision to pursue studies in the technical faculty in Prishtina, she was one of only three women in the program. “We were good students. We worked hard, but people were asking why we were studying. They would tell us that we would have to leave to be married, to have time for our children. I didn’t care about these things,” said Beqiri-Hoxha, who now serves on the board of directors for Kosovo Energy Corporation, and works as a mentor to young women in the field.