Fortuna Blakaj

Police Cadet

We usually don't see women in the police or military outside of the academy. I think it would be a nice example for girls to see another policewoman out there and be like, 'I want to be like her.'

About Fortuna

Fortuna Blakaj grew up in a village in Istok municipality. Born in the time of war, her parents named her Fortuna, meaning ‘strong winds’. From a young age, Blakaj’s parents instilled in her a drive and desire to pursue education. “We had a really hard time with money. We had to work in the fields for our education,” said Blakaj. “My parents worked really hard for us.” Now, at 20-years-old, Fortuna is pursuing a degree in business and training as a cadet at the police academy. “It’s a way to make a change. I think that I came here to become someone,” she said.