Jeta Berisha

Feminist // Activist

I remember my ex-boyfriend, when I told him what happened to me, he said, 'What did you wear? Maybe you deserved it.' I was young at the time and I didn't talk with people about it because I was scared of the judgmental culture here. I was scared that people were not going to support or help me. But I shared my story because it was part of my life, and I didn't do anything wrong. People need to know what is happening, and so I talked openly. I didn't cry that day. I didn't cry at all.

About Jeta

In 2018, as allegations of sexual harassment on university campuses resulted in demonstrations in Prishtina, Jeta Berisha, a feminist and activist and researcher working to combat harassment and the underreporting of harassment on campus, shared her personal story before a crowd of protesters, onlookers and media. Berisha, who is 26-years-old, has been a vocal advocate for victims of sexual harassment, and was the subject of both praise and backlash after coming forward to share her story.