Linda Gusia

Co-Founder, University of Prishtina Program for Gender Studies and Research

I am very vocal and loud because the context that I grew up in taught me to fight back, but now I am learning to listen. The beautiful thing about feminism is that it doesn't have one particular clear-cut position, it is always reflecting and it's aware of its privilege.

About Linda

Linda Gusia began going to protests when she 13-years-old, the result of the political environment that she grew up in. According to Gusia, being out in the streets resisting injustice led to an interest in gender, nationalism, activism and feminism, which her professional research is centered around in present day. “We created a program for gender studies five years ago and that has been really a space for introducing activism into academia,” said Gusia. “We’re still facing a lot of backlash because a lot of my colleagues think that academia and activism don’t go together. Do you want to be an activist or do you want to be in academic? For me, one doesn’t make sense without the other.”