Luljeta Aliu

Founder, Initiative for Justice and Equality

People think that it's only weak people and uneducated people (who experience domestic violence). We have these prejudices and we think these difficult life situations, like getting into an abusive relationship, only happen to strange people. But that's not true. It can happen to all of us.

About Luljeta

After escaping an abusive marriage, Luljeta Aliu was presented with the opportunity to move back to Switzerland where she holds dual citizenship and much of her family resides. Instead, she chose to stay in Kosovo and fight for the legal property rights of women. Without financial or professional support, Aliu successfully drafted an amendment to the Law on Family, “in regard to heritage of the common property created during marriage and how it should be divided into equal shares among spouses.” Today, she continues to challenge the stigma around domestic violence in Kosovo by speaking openly about her experiences and fighting for legal change.