Mimoza Kusari

Member of Parliament // President of Alternativa

I was in politics when I delivered my second son, and he was with me for a year because I was breastfeeding. I refused to leave him at home or cut his breastfeeding, I refused to cut my career. I decided to have both. It was not easy, but I want women in politics even if they are breastfeeding, even if they have small babies.

About Mimoza

Mimoza Kusari was the first (and only) woman to serve as mayor of a municipality in Kosovo, when she was elected Mayor of Gjakova in 2013. Now a member of parliament, and leader of the Alternativa Party, Kusari has fought for the inclusion of women in politics. “It’s necessary to have women in politics everywhere around the world,” said Kusari. “Not women who want to behave like, act or imitate another man, women who are mothers, single, they are married, widows. There needs to be a mosaic representing who we are.”