Nita Deda

Director, Dokufest

Dokufest was this spark that started after the war, and it kind of marked our youth growing up in Kosovo because it was our escape. It was a place you could go and feel connected to the world through the films that were playing and through the people that were there. It is still something that I cherish very much.

About Nita

Nita Deda is the director of Dokufest, an international documentary and short film festival that takes place in Prizren in August of each year. Deda sees cinema as a tool through which people are able to connect to values and ideas outside of their own, something that she said is important in Kosovo where a lack of visa liberalisation limits the ability of young people to travel. “You have to share culture. One of the difficulties for talent here is that it can not be seen outside, simply because artists from Kosovo cannot travel, cannot get a visa,” said Deda. “This is why it’s very important to curate and nurture local talent.”