Rina Krasniqi

Co-Founder, Lirindja - Independent Literary Zine

Sometimes, we fail to look at what was done here before. Media and politics make us feel like nothing existed before 2008, but there are a lot of artists and activists and people who made an impact.

About Rina

Rina Krasniqi is a writer, artist and co-founder of Lrindja, an independent literary zine founded in Prishtina. When Krasniqi and two friends were looking for publications that would support an array of literary writing produced in Albanian and their search came up short, they got together and decided to produce their own. As interest in Lrindja has grown, Krasniqi and her co-founders have remained committed to self-publishing, and providing space for young poets, writers, thinkers and artists from Kosovo and Albania.