Saranda Bogujevci

Member of Parliament

Even as a child, I fought a lot so that people didn’t see me with pity. My family doesn’t deserve that. My mother, who raised me and who I lost during the war, doesn’t deserve that. People feel bad, and I still feel bad when I hear a horrible, sad story. But pity is another thing. Unfortunately, a lot of the time people are seen with pity, and people really should be seen and treated with dignity.

About Saranda

In the years leading up to the NATO intervention in Kosovo, Saranda Bogujevci and her family sought refuge in Sweden, but after a year and a half living abroad, the Bogujevci family was sent back to Kosovo. On March 28, 1999, they became the targets of a massacre in which 14 family members were killed. Bogujevci, who was 13 at the time, was one of only four survivors. Although it’s not getting easier, Bogujevci said she will continue to share her family’s story to initiate meaningful conversations about the treatment of refugees in present-day. She is currently serving as a member of Kosovo’s parliament.