Shqipe Gjocaj

Feminist Writer

Let's not reinforce the stereotype that women hate each other and cannot work with one another. I think we can come to a healthier concept of sisterhood, really get together on the critical issues, but also be able to constructively critique one another's work and perspectives in the messages that we put forth.

About Shqipe

Shqipe Gjocaj is a feminist writer and vocal activist for women’s rights who is a frequent contributor to Prishtina Insight. Most recently, Gjocaj has written on breastfeeding and the lack of institutional and societal support for women navigating early motherhood. “I used to write fairytales when I was little. I had these huge notebooks full of notes, but they were all burned out during the war,” said Gjocaj. “Writing was always a very constructive way to express my anger, because I was an angry girl. Literature gave me agency. With my modest work so far, I tried to give this back, especially to girls and women in the Albanian language.”