Teuta Hoxha Jahaj

Lawyer // Activist // Archaeologist

When you google Kosovo, one of the very first pictures you see is still houses burned and this war-torn country. That's not us anymore. It's been 20 years and we’ve done so many great things, and our youngsters are shining throughout the world in different fields. We need to portray that.

About Teuta

Teuta Hoxha is a woman of many passions, but central to all of her interests is her commitment to social justice through education and activism. Hoxha, who grew up in Prishtina at the time of war, recognized early on the ways in which biases fuel narratives of fear, anger and distrust. While she originally studied and worked as an archaeologist, Hoxha later found herself interested in rule of law and returned to school to become a lawyer. She is the former director of Kosovo’s Youth Initiative for Human Rights. During her time with YIHR, she worked on implementing an initiative to edit history textbooks taught in Kosovar schools.