Tijana Simic LaValley

Advocate for Women’s Rights

I aged a lot these last couple of years. Northern Kosovo is different, and it's really frustrating, but I work with women individually and every success case is a huge victory and a reason to be here. There are great, wonderful women in Kosovo, who have achieved so much, and there are young women following in their steps.

About Tijana

Tijana Simic Lavalley is a sociologist who is working to provide support to Serb women in Northern Kosovo. Raised in Prishtina by a single mother who held various jobs and leadership positions in civil society, Simic was taught early on to challenge the traditional gender roles that normalized by patriarchal societies. “I remember when I would go to a friend’s house, it would smell like a cooked meal and I wished at the time that my house smelled like that, but we ate quite differently because we worked,” said Simic. “But if my mom wasn’t the way she was, then I definitely wouldn’t be who I am today.”