Tringë Sokoli

Feminist // Public Policy Practitioner

Coming back to Prishtina is always a really emotional experience. I can't speak for others because I don't have the experience of someone who didn't go through war, but I have this connection with my city. I've seen it really destroyed when I was growing up, and now it's not like it's in perfect shape, either. That made me hold close this concept of ‘our town’ that we are working for and trying to make better.

About Tringë

When Tringë Sokoli was a junior in high school, she won a scholarship to go to the US as part of a 10-month exchange program, a time that she says served as an educational milestone in her development. “Every year, more and more women gain educational opportunities. They start becoming a bigger part of the public sphere, and that’s what is needed,” said Sokoli. “I try to be a feminist everyday.”