Vasfije Krasniqi Goodman

Survivor // Advocate for Survivors of Rape and War Crimes

I will always be a voice for survivors. It is very important to share our stories and to be heard. What happened to us was not out fault, and if we don’t speak about this crime, it will remain a silent crime not only in Kosovo, but worldwide. We don’t want pity. We are normal human beings, we just experienced the war more than most.

About Vasfije

Vasfije Krasniqi Goodman is the first woman in to Kosovo to speak openly about being raped during the war in Kosovo in 1999. 20 years after the event that took place when she was 16, Kraniqi returned to the spot of her assault and spoke publicly, detailing the devastating impact the event had on her life, and calling for justice for survivors of war crimes in Kosovo and across the globe. “I will always stand in solidarity with survivors around the world. I want them to know they are not alone and together we are stronger,” said Krasniqi. “Most people praise and respect me. I hope all survivors get this kind of respect when they decide to share.”