Venera Mustafa

Fashion Designer

Kosovo has been known as this war-torn country for so long, and I’m a bit tired of that. We were the victims, but we would never victimize ourselves. The world has to move on so we can, too. It has been 20 years and we have to focus on different problems.

About Venera

Venera Mustafa is a fashion designer from Prishtina. Mustafa, who studied in France but returned to Kosovo soon after, started her official label in 2011 in a small studio in Prishtina’s city center. “I think we’re a very politically infused generation and population in general,” said Mustafa. “I merge these backgrounds and different contexts into my shows and collections, and trying to capture those moments; trying to give my generation or the future generations a glimpse of how Prishtina was and what it is now.”