Annea Hapçiu

Këshilluese Inovacioni, KosovoLive

Historitë na ndërtojnë ose na shkatërrojnë. Ne etiketojmë njerëzit duke u bazuar tek historitë. Ne etiketojmë shtetet. Misioni im është të mësoj vajzat dhe gratë e reja si t'i tregojnë historitë e tyre.

About Annea

When Annea Hapciu traveled to central Ohio as part of an exchange program when she was 18, she learned first-hand the impact of storytelling. “When I was in the US, a lot of people didn’t know where Kosovo was or only remembered Kosovo from the photos that they saw during the war. The information that they read in the media ended up defining how they viewed me, how they viewed my family,” said Hapciu. Her experience inspired her commitment to helping disadvantaged women learn to shape their own narratives at KosovaLive.