Ervina Halili

Autore // Poete

Babai im ishte gazetar. Ai u arrestua pasi shkroi për helmimet në Kosovë dhe në Maqedoni. Pasi u arrestua, unë gjithmone isha e interesuar në fuqinë e fjalëve. Pse është shkrimi kaq i ndaluar?

About Ervina

Ervina Halili was born in Prishtina in 1986, but much of her first decade of life was spent on the move, a result of regional turmoil and was in the Balkans. Raised in a family of writers, Halili’s interest in storytelling was sparked early-on, as she began to understand herself and society through poetry and literature. She is a published author of numerous works, including her first poem titled, ‘Crowd 97’ which was inspired by observations of a protest in Prishtina that she attended when she was just 11-years-old.