Nora Prekazi

Kuratore, Muzeu i Mitrovicës // Poet

Kujtesa kolektive është diçka që ti ose e ndjen, ose jo; ose je pjesë e saj, ose jo. Kështu që qasja ime është që ne vetëm duhet të japim më shumë dashuri dhe të rrisim qytetin në atë formë.

About Nora

Nora Prekazi is an ethnologist and poet who works as a curator for the Museum of Mitrovica. Born and raised in the divided city, Prekazi is interested in the ways in which art and positive storytelling from within can help rebuild communities. “We have political tourists here, and journalists, lots of journalists. You cannot understand the city in two days. You cannot write about the city in two days because you will write it wrong,” said Prekazi, who said that she believes foreign journalism has contributed to negativity among locals. “Mitrovica faced a lot of migration even after the war. We’re trying just to inspire younger generations to not leave.”