Kaltrina Krasnići

filmska redateljica

Kada živiš u zemlji kao što je ova, ljudi na marginama nisu uvek žene. Radiš svoj posao, I shvatiš da su u jednom trenu svi bili marginizovani.

About Kaltrina

Kaltrina Krasniqi is a writer, director and producer from Prishtina, who is one of a handful of female filmmakers in Kosovo to come out with her first feature length film, in 2019. Krasniqi’s film, titled “Vera Dreams of the Sea” tells the story of an older woman living in Kosovo who pushes back against her patriarchal husband. “Activists and theoreticians have been talking about all these issues for the past 50 years. It’s only now, we are getting access to these narratives through film,” said Krasniqi. “It’s women that are telling these stories.”