Pranvera Hyseni

Osnivačica, Astronomy Outreach Kosovo

Imala sam trenutke kada sam htela da odustanem, gde su mi ljudi govorili da ne trebam da brinem o drugim zemljama. Mi smo ljudi. Deo smo Zemlje koja je samo jedna mala palenta. Toliko toga ima za istražiti.

About Pranvera

Pranvera Hyseni, from Vushtri, a municipality in Northern Kosovo, has been interested in astronomy for as long as she can remember. With limited resources available to her in Kosovo, she turned to social media years ago, where she found success connecting with astronomers from around the world who encouraged her pursuit and gifted her a telescope. Now, at 22-years-old, Hyseni is the founder and director of Astronomy Outreach Kosovo, a program with more than 200 participants that works to spark interest in astronomy among kids in Kosovo. Hyseni is currently in the process of securing funding to build the country’s first observatory.