Tahire Haxholli

Major, Odsek za istraživanje porodičnog nasilja, Kosovska policija

Oduvek sam želala da se bavim poslom koji ima svoju misiju podrške I pomoći građanima I zajednici u kojoj živim.

About Tahire

When Tahire Haxholli first enrolled in training to become become a police officer, she did so out of a desire to play a minor part in the betterment of the community in which she lived. Years later, and Haxholli holds arguably one of the most important roles as head of the domestic violence task force for Kosovo Police, supporting primarily women and victims as they try to escape abusive situations and bring justice to their abuser. In 2019, Haxholli was honored for her work and promoted from the rank of Sergeant to Major.